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Olen’k – Silently Noisy
Sunday, July 30 2006 @ 12:13 PM PDT
Contributed by: lee_judaskiss

Silently Noisy

Artist: Olen'k France

Title: Silently Noisy

Label: Cold Meat Industry Sweden

Gnere: Dark Ethereal Pop

Every now and again I think I’ve got a label sussed out. I think I know what they stand for and what genre and sound their releases are going to fall under. Ok, for some labels like CMI this took a little longer than most as the plethora of releases that have been spawned by this label are as far reaching as they are prolific but after a whole I felt quietly confident that I had all bases covered and know pretty much what to expect from them. Then along comes the wonderfully titled ‘Silently Noisy’ by the relatively new French group Olen’k, who’s music seems to be so different from the normal output of the label that it genuinely took me by surprise. As apposed to having a sound that can safely be categorised as ‘post-industrial’ of sorts, Olen’k’s sound has much more in common with 90’s darkwave ala Switchblade Symphony with the use of trip-hopesque beats, darkly seductive female vocals and goth sensibilities that run rampant through out the whole album. Added to this Olen’k have sourced a wonderfully distinctive ethnic edge that delectably slices through the album, giving it an edge that is reminiscent of the earlier recordings of Danielle Dax. The whole atmosphere and delivery of the album takes on a very subtle beat driven ethereal sound that is a lot more catchy than you would have imagined and after a few listens you may have very well discovered the first CMI release that you find yourself singing along to. Although immensely different from their other releases, ’Silently’ Noisy’ demonstrates yet again why CMI have built up a reputation of being one of the most forward thinking and influential labels the post-industrial scene.

Even though Olen’k’s album won’t appeal to everyone, it was a risk the label obviously thought was worth while and I’m guessing I’d have to agree on this occasion as the album has an immensely addictive uplifting quality to it and I find myself taping my foot through-out the entire CD. I suppose you can’t be miserable and locked in the darkness that the ‘post-industrial’ scene has become synonymous for all of the time and ‘Silently Noisy’ is that beacon of light that is much needed by some people at least.


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