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Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep
Tuesday, May 09 2006 @ 12:53 PM PDT
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn

Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep

Artist: Flint Glass France

Title: Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep

Label: Brume Records France

Genre: Rhythmic Industrial / Dark Ambient


It has been four years since Flint Glass impressed the post industrial underground with the debut album “Hierakonpolis.” Over the past four years Flint Glass has been lying low appearing only on the occasional compilation or remix but otherwise remaining quite still as if brooding. Now finally Flint Glass has returned with his second full length album titled “Nyarlathotep.” As the name implies “Nyarlathotep” is a concept album of electronic music inspired by the dark celestial occultist fiction of the late H.P. Lovecraft. The mystical horror that has become H.P. Lovecraft’s legacy has seen a resurgence of interest amongst dark ambient musicians seeking a dark muse. H.P. Lovecraft’s writings often focused on inter-dimensional beings, archaic gods, and strange cults that often performed acts of human sacrifice and other blasphemies. His unique brand of horror has gripped the imagination of readers for well over a century and now his literary genius has become fodder for equally dark and esoteric music spun for a new generation of dark art aficionados.

The music on “Nyarlathotep” is a combination of cinematic dark ambient with occasional rhythmic passages that keep the music vital and interesting. Gwen Tremorin has created an intriguing sonic journey filled with cascading sounds and tenuous soundscapes that slither through the darkness like blind spirits probing for their lost existence. The music imbues the listner with unsettling feelings driven by a sense of awe as you gently drift through archaic catacombs and lost temples resurrected to hungry gods from forgotten times. Each song is carefully and expertly crafted using a fine balance of dark ambience, experimental electronics, and tightly reined rhythms. Flint Glass supplies the soundtrack and with eyes closed your imagination will spin the tale. The door has been opened and it is now left for you to enter…

“Nyarlathotep” is one of the most powerful offerings in the post industrial genre to emerge this year. Gwen Tremorin has claimed his rightful place as an expert sound engineer and musician. The atmospheres and landscapes invoked by “Nyarlathotep” offer the most convincing handling of the Cthulu Mythos that has yet been attempted. Gwen has successfully cultivated an original and authentic sound that at once captures the darkness and mystery of the mythos while also communicating the suspense and dark esotericism that defined the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. “Nyarlathotep” is an invigorating sign that dark ambient and dark electronic music has not exhausted the depths of this over worked genre.


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