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Carlos Boll Interview; Moment of Illumination
Sunday, May 08 2005 @ 09:48 AM PDT
Contributed by: Erin Powell

Heathen Harvest: I understand that you promote some interesting theories regarding human evolution and the role of dormant DNA. Would you care to share these theories with our readers?

Carlos Bolle: Triggers that are internal or external that you draw to yourself are what guide you on your path. The internal ones are part of your DNA. The more you unblock and clear yourself the higher the frequency of these so you start experiencing things on that higher level. As you pay more attention to these it gradually awakens you to states that are far beyond the physical realm.

Are these theories based on the works of any particular authors?

CB: In so far as writers go I would have to say I am most influenced by the work of Giuliana Conforto. Her work is extraordinary but I always have to read it very slowly. Although it is not a complicated read it is very densely packed with information. Her work centers mostly on the subject of quantum physics.

Tor Lundvall supplied the image for your self‑titled album. Tor has become a recognized musician in his own right; are there any plans to collaborate with him musically?

CB: We discussed a collaboration at some point and I sent Tor a song I was working on but then I ended up re‑recording it myself since I wasn't happy with what I had done originally. The track ended up on the new Duparc album. I would like to get Tor involved when I start recording the next The Mystery School album.

You seem to glean elements from different occult schools of thought as subject matter for your albums. How did you come to be introduced to esoteric and mystical subject matter?

CB: After years of studying various earthly and unearthly subjects I started noticing a thread of certain things that weren't being said. As I did more research I became acquainted with people that knew about these, rather hidden, subjects. From there I found myself on a path that was largely unfamiliar and quite frightening. The truth of matters can be disconcerting although I have grown as a person and feel much happier than I've ever been.

Is there any one path or discipline that guides you more than others?

CB: I'm open to any and all as I feel there is no one path. I do not pay much attention to religious texts as they are so encoded as to prevent you from getting to the actual truth of the matter.

Is there a broader mystical agenda associated with your work for The Mystery School?

CB: There are none to speak of. The songs and music are a way of sharing my thoughts and ideas in the hope that people will embark on their own paths of enlightenment. My perspective is that when someone is ready they themselves will know.

What is the extent of your relationship with Matt Howden (of Sol Invictus and Sieben)?

CB: Matt has been a very good friend and most helpful with all aspects of my music. I am very pleased with the work he did on the first Mystery School album as well as bits he has done for other recordings. I recently recorded some vocal and instrument parts for his new Ogham album.

Are there plans to release your EP
Leap Into the Void featuring Matt Howden?

CB: Although it has enjoyed some popularity in Hungary at this point I have no plans to release it. Some songs might find their way on the next Mystery School album.

HH: What inspired you to choose music as a medium of expression?

CB: Music is such, what I would call a mental state. It's there but you can't appreciate it from what it looks like; it's all about feeling it.

Are there any musical projects that you were involved with prior to, or in addendum with, The Mystery School?

CB: I've recorded some instrumental parts for Corisca which is a band from California and I've also done some production work for some New York singer/songwriters. Years ago, when I lived in New Orleans, I was heavily involved in the music scene there and produced several recordings.

Are there any musicians you feel have made a great impression upon you and possibly influenced the direction of your music?

CB: I listen to a wide variety, from noise to classical. The Mystery School songs are more a reflection of Persian and British folk music while Duparc is more a product of classical vocal pieces.

How do you feel about the categorization of music? Where would you place The Mystery School?

CB: Categorization serves as a reference but does little to describe. You can break down any category into hundreds of sub‑categories and there are some that make no sense at all; indie rock on major labels for example. The Mystery School falls into the folk/ambient/neo‑classical/middle eastern section if such a thing exists.

There is a marked difference in style from your self‑titled release and the Triangle of the Sun album. Whereas the latter is instrumental and composed primarily of bell drones with washes of cerebral bass massage, the former constitutes an array of acoustic instrumentation and features your distinctive voice. What musical direction will The Mystery School take in future recordings?

CB: I plan to start working on the second Mystery School vocal album soon so we'll see where it ends up. I begin by planning out the recording process from a technical point of view and then let the music go where it wants. I'm frequently surprised by what the results are.

Do you have any plans to tour with The Mystery School?

CB: None presently. Despite the fact that I live in New York City I have yet to meet anyone who can play some of the instruments that I use and I'm not too keen on doing stripped‑down versions of the songs.

I understand that you are currently working on a new album entitled
Ex Hypnos . When might we expect to see this released?

CB: The pre‑production for this is taking some time so I would guess a 2006 release. This might actually be a DVD with images to go with the music. My plan for this project is to make it a tool for meditation and enlightenment.

HH: Would you care to leave a parting message for the readers of Heathen Harvest?

CB: Take the day off and go out in nature where it's quiet and get in touch with you. If you want to change the world you must first change yourself.


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