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Brian Evenson with Xingu Hill and Tamarin - Altmann's Toungue
Tuesday, April 05 2005 @ 02:54 PM PDT
Contributed by: caustic

Altmann\'s Toungue

Artist: Brian Evenson with Xingu Hill and Tamarin

Title: Altmann's Toungue

Label: Ant-Zen Germany

Genre: Spoken Word / Experimental

Resource Links: http://www.ant-zen.com

I guess I'm starting off my stint at HH with Maxi-CD EPs from Ant-Zen, because here's another one. I've never heard of Brian Evenson before so I have nothing to compare this to and no background information, but it's a short (4 tracks) little thing with a long ending.

The actual 'music' element of this release seems to take an obvious backseat to uninspired prose that is being read by a monotonous male voice. It strikes me as contrived, as though trying to seem dismal or bleak or unimpressed. I'm reminded of the "red is your color" dialogue at the end of Tool's Undertow, but this time the voice drags on for about thirty-five minutes. Oh, and he counts for the listener as well, which I find very annoying even though I suspect they are chapter breaks.

I find the dull presentation of the story makes me forget what is being said, and I ask: why should I be listening to this in the first place, if not to hear a story? Good stories usually want to be heard, or you usually want to hear a good story. Neither apply here.

I would be dissapointed if I bought this as a fan of Xingu Hill and/or Tamarin. For me, listening to this EP is like being subjected to an audio-book I have no interest in knowing anything about.

If the style of this EP sounds appealing, I'd recommend any of the Current93/Thomas Ligotti colaborations or a whole CD filled with Godspeed You Black Emperor dialogue samples. You won't get the pops, cracks, and whirs that Tamarin and Xingu added to the mix, but you'll at least get something thought-provoking. Besides, they both have their own albums so make sure you have all those before you get this. Apologies to fans of Brian Evenson (whom I take to be the author showcased on the disc), maybe I've just not seen the light yet.


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