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Forseti - Erde
Wednesday, March 23 2005 @ 05:59 PM PST
Contributed by: mrgreg23


Artist: Forseti Germany

Title: Erde

Label: Grunwald Germany

Genre: Folk / Neoclassical

Forseti has presented me one of the greatest reviewing challenges I've faced in years: "Erde." This is a good thing. I've not encountered an album that I've enjoyed so much, so intensely, from the start for quite some time. The last time I enjoyed a release this much, and felt so moved by it, was when I got a demo tape of Michael Gira's Angels of Light album "Mother." Ironically, it leaves me lacking any real adequate words to describe it. Simply: I like it! There's no single reason why I like "Erde" so much. The guitar work is excellent, not presumptuous or incompetent. The voice is controlled, serious, and comforting at the same time. Pacing throughout the whole release is impeccable; there is so much here to enjoy I don't want to break the album down into various analyses or tracks. Doing such a thing, I feel, would be a discredit to the listening experience. I can't help but admit, however, that "Erdennacht" is the best track on "Erde." There is no doubt about this.

Erde's packaging and presentation are superb. Printing, textures, and design are all top grade. I love seeing a product that artist, label, and distributor all take pride in. They all match the aesthetic and the sonic feel of the album. Guests on "Erde" include Ian Read and B'eirth among many others. Unless I miss my bet, with a few more albums and some more exposure, Andreas Ritter—Forseti's creator and core—is going to go places. This album will remain on my player for some time to come. I can only hope his next album is at least this good. If you are going to buy only one Neo-Folk album this year make it "Erde."


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