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Violent Entity - Mechanized Division
Thursday, January 27 2005 @ 01:07 PM PST
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn

Mechanized Division

Artist: Violent Entity Germany

Title: Mechanized Division

Label: Ars Musica Diffundere / Black Rain Germany

Genre: Dark Electronic / Danceable Industrial


Violent Entity is a new dark electronic industrial artist hailing from Germany . As the bands title suggests Violent Entity is a musical exploration of the darker side of human nature. “Mechanized Division” is Violent Entity's debut release on the infamous German dark electro label Black Rain Records. Violent Entity fits nicely into the existing family of bands that Black Rain has cultivated and adds a new voice to the labels growing roster of industrial musicians.

“Mechanized Division” is as illustrative of a title as the band name Violent Entity. In essence Violent Entity is just what it calls itself. A violent musical entity driven by a division of mechanized and electronic sounds that are as penetrating and dark as the bands outlook on life. Violent Entity is the brainchild of sole musician Damion Drullinger. Damion has constructed an exquisite juggernaut of harsh danceable industrial music that is at once nostalgic and relevant.

Violent Entity has taken the road less traveled on “Mechanized Division” by striving to create industrial music from the basics and ignoring the complexities that are possible with today's laptop recording stations. Instead of delivering futuristic sounds that are nearly as hard to follow as they are to create Damion has returned to industrial music's early days and has delivered a mature album stripped of all the adornments and driven by sincere industrial dance angst.

“Mechanized Division” is an unforgiving experience in dark trance driven thumping rhythms complimented by softer synthesizer tracks that are endearingly simple. Pulsating waves of bass are paired with foot stomping beats that crunch and thump through your body just the way you yearn for it. Damion's lyrical delivery is sinister and corrosive. Filled with angst, indignation, and hate the lyrics are growled out in a harsh voice that drastically contrasts the pulsating body music. The lyrics are particualry martial and angst ridden as one would hope from someone calling themselves “Violent Entity.” Damion pairs his demonic prose with his unique brand of dark electro in a blizzard of driving industrial dance music that is sure to test your speakers and your convictions!

The fifth song on the album titled “Meeting Your Demise” particualry caught my attention as it speaks of dealing with Terrorists with straight forward violence. “Violent Entity” has pulled its head out of the proverbial sand that seems to be smothering so many these days. “Meeting Your Demise” is a straight forward song that identifies the Terrorists hatred and goes on to declare the desire for revenge with a chorus that reads “Captured terrorist, revenge is ours its time to pay.” This may be an offensive message to some after the Abu Grad prison scandals but the reality that exists is one of war. We will kill or be killed as these extremists are not looking for reconciliation but rather total annihilation.

Violent Entity is recommended for Radical Faeries and others who are looking for music that is dark and sinister yet danceable as well. If you are nostalgic for the days of old when your favorite clubs played the new emerging and immortal industrial dance music that blew the doors off the industrial music genre then violent Entity is sure to be your fix. If it has been awhile since you revisited industrial music with a beat and you are looking for something with some guts then Violent Entity is your band.


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