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Geska Records - Sonic Visions Compilation
Sunday, September 05 2004 @ 02:19 PM PDT
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn

Geska Records - Sonic Visions Compilation

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Geska Records - Sonic Visions Compilation

Label: Geska Records Canada

Genre: Dark Ambient / Break Beat / Rhythmic Industrial

Resource Links: Geska Records


Sonic Visions is a recent compilation by Geska Records of Canada. Geska Records aims to bring music to the market that connects with the listener's body as well as the listeners mind and soul. Geska continues their pursuit of danceable, sensuous, electronic music that exceeds expectations and gets even the most immobile listener off their ass. Sonic Visions is a compilation that melds music and magic into an organic experience of body and sound.

The team at Geska Records has rounded up a fair number of well known electronic music artists and paired them with lesser known artists in a well planned format. Artists include such well known electronic mavericks such as Oil 10, Flint Glass, and Mlada Front as well as lesser known artists such as Firnwald, Pedro Alexandre, and Westerndream. This combination of familiar faces and new comers makes for a nice combination of introductions and revisits.

The Sonic visions Compilation was created around and inspired by the Cabbalist Tree Of Life and its numerous spheres of human and spiritual experience. For those not familiar with Cabbalistic studies the Tree of Life is a diagram that houses numerous spheres that represent various spiritual and experiential states of being. These teaching originate in old Judaic mysticism yet study of the Tree of Life in an integral part of many Western Occult studies and practices. Geska Records asked each musical recruit on the compilation to contribute a track that harmonizes with a given spiritual sphere represented on the Tree of Life. In all ten artists represent ten separate spheres.

Sonic Visions begins with an epic electronic track titled Permutations on Toth-Pot Fanatika (Avodah Zarah Remix) by Westerndream. The track begins with esoteric chanting that instantly uplifts the listener and sets the mood for the entire album. Through an expert manipulation of sound, rhythm and electronics Westerndream whip up a frenzy of chanting, pounding beats and celestial atmospheres accented by samples. The music is too intricate to attempt to describe. The music evolves with so many twists and turns it's simply beyond description. Needless to say the complexity of the rhythmic structures and the pace of evolution within the music makes for an excellent song that finds its way into the ranks of such artists as This Morn Omina and AH Comma Sotz.

The second track on the album is titled Feeling Lies by Mimetic Fake. Starting out slow with minimal atmosphere and a very monotone spoken word piece the song develops into a trance / break beat powerhouse that demonstrates restraint and strength. Coming down from the fury of the opening track “Feeling Lies” is less cluttered and allows the listener time to get more intimate with the music. A strong Eastern meets Western flavor is still present. This Bipolarization is very representative of how The Tree of Life and its ideas have impregnated Western Occultism.

The third track on the album titled Liebeswegen (dead & rotten mix by Photophob) is contributed by Firnwald. Liebeswegen opens the stage to a little funk mixed in with the esoteric electronics. Break beats meet spiritually infected atmospherics opening the song gently and with finesse. Firnwald masterfully builds the song up with slightly industrial and dissonant sounds bending and twisting through the angelic ambient atmospherics. Liebeswegen strikes a balance between rhythmic superiority and atmospherics.

Song four delivers us into the hands of Milligramme who lays down the fattest and deepest beats yet in the song “Foie.” Milligramme lays down the most experimental and cold track up to this point. Restraint and tight control define the track as the band explores the spiritual dimensions of hardcore minimalist break beat. The beat is the most prominent trait of the music, aside from its hard hitting thumping an array of futuristic and minimalist electronic sounds dress up the track. For such a minimal composition this songs really is infectious. As soon as you hear the solitary beat you instantly warm and wake up.

Mlada Front is responsible for the fifth contribution titled HF>amalgamamalgam

Track 6 titled Happy Mondays (Megatron Mix) is a contribution from the up and rising artist Oil 10. Oil 10 bring their signature sound to the song Happy Mondays. Oil 10 is as strong as ever before as they merge hard hitting techno and industrial sounds into a positively charged song that quickly redirects the listener back into a dance friendly and more body centric music experience. Fans of Oil 10 will explode with in delight over this song.

Track seven was recorded by Pedro Alexandre and is titled Shiny_Pink_Towels (Beauty Mix). Pedro Alexandre delivers an energetic mix of spacey atmospherics and simple driving beats. The music has a very gritty futuristic feeling that I enjoyed. Its very trance oriented but with just enough of an industrial edge to keep things interesting.

Track eight is titled Neuroscan / Sonic Mix and was realized by no other than Flint Glass. Flint Glass are legends in the post industrial world and have long been known for their industrial / ambient works throughout the years. Neuroscan / Sonic Mix is a pulsing monster of a song filled with heavy industrial elements and rhythmic monstrosities. Neuroscan / Sonic Mix by far the darkest song on the album though it refrains from being sinister. Rather the music is a mix of concrete industrial sounds, primitive percussion, and monumental dark ambient. Flint Glass are known for their relevant and very consciously rendered dark worlds and landscapes and they live up to their reputations on this song. Flint Glass adds an element of diversity to the CD and delivers a track that fans are sure to covet.

The ninth track on Sonic Visions is titled Havoc 2027 (exclusive mix) by HIV+ vs. Wired Brain. These two pirates of electronic music ram heads in this aggressive track. Havoc 2027 (exclusive mix) takes the compilation on a drastic turn towards angst ridden electronic music. Possibly my favorite track on the album, HIV+ vs. Wired is a killer artistic collaboration. These two powerhouse artists hold back nothing as they deliver subsonic bass at insane levels driven by fierce guitar rifts and screaming distorted vocals. HIV+ vs. Wired notch things up in a stellar pre conclusion to a great compilation.

Haiku is featured as the tenth and last artist performing the song IMOLA. Haiku wraps up the album with a very mellow rhythmic / electronic track that features sophisticated electronics and concise break beats. IMOLA cools down the fire that HIV+ vs. Wired started and completes the album with an intelligent track that efficiently concludes the compilation.

Sonic Visions is a great sample of the good work that is going on at Geska Records. Radical Fairies and fans of esoteric music and especially fans of esoteric electronic music will really want to check out the new Sonic Visions compilation. Radical Faeries both new to and familiar with electronic music will want to check out Sonic visions and check in with some of the best artists in post industrial electronic music scene and a great handful of on the rise musicians. A Geska record has done an excellent job of showcasing these artists and juxtaposed an interesting theme onto the compilation. If you are looking for a good album to groove to over the coming winter and keep the blood flowing I highly recommend Sonic Visions.


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