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Radio Friendly Unit Shifter - The World in Which We Live
Tuesday, June 22 2004 @ 03:08 PM PDT
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn

Snip-a Boy Dealing Snip Records

Artist: Radio Freindly Unit Shifter United States

Title: Snip-a Boy Dealing Snip Records

Label: Snip-Snip Records United States

Genre: Dark Ambient / Experimental / Electronic / Power Electronics


Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is a beautifully destructive and sonically engulfing listening experience. The creative nucleus of Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is comprised of Clint Listing (known for his work as Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds, As All Die and his ongoing work with Beauty and Pain Records) and John Riendeau. The album was recorded in mixed at Clint Listing's studio Dragon Flight Recordings. The coming together of two such brilliant musical minds is reason in itself to run out now and purchase this CD.

The album stays true to the two artists in the field of dark ambient and experimental music. If anything, this collaboration brings about a very sophisticated and haunting album. The album's sleeve credits Clint Listing with the simple title creation and credits John Riendeau with the equally simple title destruction. What is for certain is that these two musicians have charted some of the darkest and most disturbing territory yet to be uncovered in the dark ambient genre. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter holds back nothing in its lengthy and monumental exploration of the dismal barrenness that haunts each of us. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter seeks out the dreams and ruin of our in most lives and gives voice through their music to the ghosts and vanquished days that linger there.

The music of Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is a combination of slow, dark, meandering ambient drones combined with a combination of power electronics and dark rumblings that cannot be identified. The band makes no the genre commitment. Instead Radio Friendly Unit Shifter breaks down barriers while shifting effortlessly between slow dark passages of dark creeping electronics and brief climaxes of controlled noise and the mad howling and distorted screaming of some nocturnal daemon. The listening experience is balanced, controlled and well conceived. Though the music dives deep into the darkness the journey is led by two very well-equipped guides. Passing through dream, nightmare and the subconscious the listener is confidently given passage into an audio world created to feed the imagination and open the eyes of the dreamer.

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter may be and unfamiliar names too many readers. Until Snip-Snip Records had sent me a copy of "The World in Which We Live" I had not heard of the band either. This is hard to believe with the quality of the music. There is so much linear dark ambient music flooding the music market right now. I was overjoyed to find a band like Radio Friendly Unit Shifter that are still delving the darkest depths of the soul and imagination and are still bringing back something original for us the listeners. Radical Faeries that are fans of dark ambient music need a hunt this release down and bag it. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is ready to depart with you the listener into the inner depths of your own a hellish mind. The music is monumental and authentic you can be guaranteed if you love dark ambient that this will quickly become one of your favorite CDs. Radical Faeries that are not fans of dark music or have yet to crossover this would be the perfect release to explore something much darker and more introspective. Though the music is dark and at times it climaxes in peaks of violent hysteria the album is well-balanced and easily digestible. Radical Faeries that like experimental music and the music that abandons conventional song forms in search of something more powerful and original you are likely to enjoy "The World in Which We Live" as well. Radical Faeries the blow their minds to power electronics and might be looking for something a little calmer but equally is dark will enjoy this releases well.

As far as ritual and spiritual applications go Radio Friendly Unit Shifter would work as a powerful supplement to any new moon or left hand path work you might have ahead of you. The album is comprised of one long continuous song. Those Radical Faeries looking for a good music selection that you can put on repeat and practice without interruption be it meditation, ritual, projection or invocation.


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